We all know that yoga becoming popular in western countries but how many of you know that the popular yoga guru Baba Ramdev has different fan following in western countries. He is quite popular for his yoga skills and his famous product brand Patanjali but here comes a surprising fact about his personal life.


Baba Ramdev, who has been coming to the US and the West for the past several years, said there has been tremendous increase in popularity of yoga in western part of the world. But the interesting thing is that yoga is not the only thing which made its reach in the west, Baba Ramdev also made a place in the heart of the people in the west. During his interaction with Kapil Sharma on the latter’s chat show, yoga guru Baba Ramdev claimed to have received a marriage proposal from a Los Angeles-based woman.

He informed that the lady popped the question in the midst of a yoga session that was being held in LA and had also brought her family members along. Much to Kapil’s amusement, Baba could not stop blushing.


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