Badly-Timed photos of celebrities that will give you a good laughter time

Everyone has pictures in their family photo album that they never want to see again. They can range from embarrassing childhood photos to pictures of you captured at the wrong moment. Thankfully, they (hopefully) exist in that photo album and nowhere else, away from the eyes of the public. Celebrities are no different to common people.

They may always be in the limelight. They may be used to the millions of cameras around them but they too have their photo faux-pas moments. After all, they’re humans. And of course, bad timing for them, excellent timing for us.

Justi Bieber

Hum Aam Aadmi Hai Ji.


Just Ellen, Just Don’t Compare Them With Yours.


The Royal Look.


Love is in Air.


Finally KRK at its best.


Men from Asgard no different from that of earth.


Hope Aamir doesn’t talk about perfection here.


Bad Bradley Cooper.


The first day of school.


It’s MMS.


Salma Hayek