Puneesh and Bandagi have been taking away all the limelight after their PDA began inside the Bigg Boss house. The two knew each other before entering the Bigg Boss house and got closer during the initial days in the house. Soon their friendship turned into love as they fell for each other. They got way too close inside the Bigg Boss house and soon the entire nation got to see it as they were seen kissing and getting intimate.

Soon the ‘gharwalas’ were seen making fun of these love birds every now and then. Last weekend, Salman Khan warned them and asked them if they are wish their parents to see them getting intimate in front of the entire nation. He told them that they are representing themselves in this manner in front of the viewers and need to take care of it. To this, Puneesh replied that they will take care of it and not repeat it.

While we all thought the two must have taken Salman Khan’s warning seriously, Puneesh and Bandagi, who are madly in love with each other forgot everything and took another bold step in front of the entire nation. Late night at 1 am, Puneesh asked Bandagi if she wants to wash any of her clothes to which she replied that she has to wash her night suits.

Puneesh asked her to wash them at that time itself and said that he will help her out in washing clothes. The two went to the bathroom and with this ‘excuse’ of washing clothes late night at 1.30 am and were seen outside at 2 am on their beds. We can somehow figure out what they must have done inside the bathroom for that long. However, what is surprising us is that they took this step despite Salman Khan’s warning.

Later, Bandagi was seen telling Puneesh that this is the limit and now they won’t be doing anything. Also, she said that she easily gets influenced by what Puneesh says and now her parents won’t accept her. Puneesh in return says that he will accept him.

What will happen next? Stay tuned!

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