Bandagi and Puneesh’s LOVE reaches another level, SEE their love making pics that will leave you shocked to bits!

By admin

November 17, 2017

This season is seeing Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra as the only couple on the show. As seen on the show, the two are much in love with each other and are seen together 24*7 inside the Bigg Boss house. However, a video of them planning this love angle between them is going viral. Their fans have been leaving hate comments for them ever since they saw Puneesh and Bandgi planning their love affair to get attention from the housemates and audience. They were also seen saying that they will have to get a little intimate to save themselves from evictions.

Initially, their relationship was taken as fake by all the housemates but once they started getting close and intimate inside the Bigg Boss house, the air was cleared. We are still unsure after the video doing rounds over the net. But it is somehow disgusting to see a couple lip-locking and getting intimate on national television. The two have crossed all limits on the show and have been freely doing whatever they wish to do.

Bandgi, who was in a relationship outside the house with Dennis shared shocking facts about him inside the house and also admitted that she is completely in love with Puneesh Sharma. Puneesh too fell in love with Bandagi at the first sight and said that he never expected to fall for her inside the Bigg Boss house. Seeing their romance on screen, Salman Khan warned them last weekend to not showcase themselves in such a manner because their parents too are seeing the show.

While Puneesh agreed with him and said that he will take care of it, he was again seeing getting too close to Bandagi in her bed. Also, late night, he was seen asking Bandagi to come and wash clothes where he will help her out. Later, the two went inside the bathroom and made out. Bandagi even told Puneesh that her parents will not accept her now. Puneesh in return said that he will accept her. We are waiting to see what Salman has to comment on this act.