In a very bizarre dramatic sequence in the house, things turned totally violent when Lopa Mudra took a dig at Bani’s mother while performing a task. Bigg Boss announced the ‘Call Center’ task and divided the house mates into two teams. The first team had Lopa, Manveer and Manu while the other team had Bani, Rohan and Nitibha Kaul; Mona was the task coordinator. One team was supposed to be act as customers and the other had to serve them on call as customer center executives. The task was to ask annoying questions to the customer center people so that they lose their temper and reply in high tone which will make them lose the task.

FotorCreated-21In the first part of the round, Bani’s team acted as customers and made ferrous attempts to annoy the other team members one by one on calls. Bani over-performed the task as she made 2 calls to Lopa and kept shouting and gave no chance to Lopa to speak. She even hit on some personal comments. However, the next round of the task, which will be telecasted today, the team roles will change.

As per the sources, Lopa Mudra calls Bani in the task, and takes a dig at her mother. Lopa said, “Why do you always use your mother as a tool to gain sympathy”? Bani, whose mother is a cancer patient and has had a tough life immediately loses control, beats the phone and gets up to hit Lopa. Bani kicks Lopa and gets physically violent to her.

Lopa warns Bigg Boss to take action against Bani who broke the major rule of Bigg Boss house by being violent and physically abusing her. Let’s see, if Bani gets kicked out of the show or not. Bani has suffered 2 major humiliating moments in the house by Swami Om. The first time, when Swami taunted her and said, “May your mother die”. And the other instance was not a long time back, when Swami Om threw her urine on her. Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga have earlier been thrown out of the house because of their unbearable behavior.

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