After coming so close to winning the Bigg Boss 10, Bani couldn’t make it to the first position. One of the toughest contestants of the Bigg Boss 10 had to settle for the second position. Even though Bani j didn’t win the trophy, she is still champion for the people. Even though Bani’s  journey in the house was full of ups and downs, Bani emerged as a winner out of the house.


Big Boss season 10 will always be remembered for one of its things which were an animosity between Bani J and Lopamudra. Their rivalry reached a level where they both even got involved in an ugly physical fight. While being in the show Bani didn’t show any change of heart towards Lopa. After coming out of the Bigg Boss 10 house Bani speaks up that she apologised to Lopamudra and her family at the finale as she regretted her remarks against her on the show.

Post the finale, while interacting with media, Bani admitted that it was her fault for going overboard during the call centre task, which resulted in an ugly fight between the two. “I don’t regret getting physical but I regret those things which I said her during the task, which led to that fight. The tussle was a reaction to what she said to me and her anger was a result of my words against her. We both are wrong but I will take the responsibility because it was me who made the first call. So, I feel I shouldn’t have initiated the way I did. I apologised to her, her family, especially her father,” Bani said.


When asked if she has let go of the envy feelings aginst Lopa, Bani said she never had any personal issue with Lopa and hope she accepted her apology. “I have let bygones be bygones with her. I apologised to her a couple of times and told her that I did make a mistake. If she accepts my apology, that’s great but if she doesn’t I am not going to push it. I wouldn’t force her to be friends with me.”

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