Om Swami passing derogatory comments against housemates on Big Boss isn’t new but he crossed his limits this time. Here is what happened.

A new captaincy was introduced between Priyanka Jagga and Gaurav Chopra. In the task both were tied with harness in the air and while the contestants pull the rope they were not suppose to fall down in water tub kept below them.

swami-om-759Om Swami cried foul played by Bani to make Gaurav win the task against Bani. And in the heat of the moment he said, ” Bani Agar tum aisa karogi tumhari Maa mar jayegi”.

Om swami’s comments gave Bani a jolt which made her so furious that she couldn’t hold back her emotions. All hell broke loose as she got into a heated argument with Om Swami saying that, “How dare you pass such comments about my mother”. The fight got quite intense. Couldn’t stop crying Bani banged the main door and requested Big Boss to her leave the show, saying, “I don’t want to play this stupid game more”.

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