One just can’t predict what may happen in the Bigg Boss house. Such is the nature of the show. Last week we saw a lot of drama pertaining to nominations. Like, Luv and Akash were nominated but then Vikas, being the captain of the house was asked to nominate one of the safe contestant and save either Luv or Akash. The mind player of this season took the magnum advantage and nominated the most strong contender Shilpa Shinda and saved Luv Tyagi from getting evicted. But then arose yet another twist and it turned out that it was a no-eviction week as the voting lines were closed. So, neither contestants nor viewers can predict the flow of the game!

And this Weekend Ka Vaar episode is also set to bring some more dose of unexpected drama! If you are following Bigg Boss, you must be aware that Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi, Hiten Tejwani and Shilpa Shinde are in the nomination race this week. It was being expected that Luv Tyagi will finally make his way out of the house as he has not contributed much and has only earned the title of ‘Hina’s puppet’ in his journey of 10 long weeks.

Reality seems to be tad bit different! Yes, as per the sources, Luv Tyagi will yet again be safe and stay in the Bigg Boss and to our utter shock, it might be Hiten Tejwani who will get evicted.

Hiten is the only sorted person in this season and has usually been spotted solving the fights that take place in the house. Many housemates have often said that Hiten is the need of the house as he the only mature person who manages the messy situations well! However, he has no close friends in the house apart from Vikas Gupta with whom can play games.

On the other hand, it would be interesting to watch Salman Khan bursting out on Priyank! Well, let’s see if these reports turn out true! But we sincerely feel, it is Luv or Priyank who deserve to get evicted!

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