He is not only creating controversies inside the Big Boss House, but also outside the house. Big Boss S11 contestant, Zubair Khan, notorious for his rude and arrogant behavior in the house claimed in the premiere of BB S11, that he is the son-in-law of gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s Sister Haseena Parkar. He even claimed being one of the producers of the recently released film, Haseena Parkar, and also stated that he is in an estranged relationship with his wife, and that the wife after backstabbing him, took away his kids as well.
But all these claims have now been refuted, and since Haseena Parkar’s family is quite agitated with him and his claims, they are planning to file a FIR against him, for misusing their family name for fame.
These reports were confirmed when Sameer Antulay, the real co-producer of the movie and also a member of Dawood Ibrahim’s family confirmed that these were only rumors and said, “Zubair Khan is a fraud. He has no connections with our family. He is misusing the Dawood title for publicity. We will be approaching the cops to register a Fir against him.”

Though Sameer did accept that Zubair had approached Haseena for the biopic, but his proposal for the same was rejected, as the family didn’t know him too well.
But with respect to being married to Haseena’s daughter, Sameer denied these claims as well and rather exclaimed that Haseena Parkar had only two daughters, Qudsia and Humeira, and Qudsia whom Zubair claimed was his wife, is in real, married off to a certain Zaheer Shiekh.
Has he gone too far, just for few moments of limelight and fame? Perhaps irked hatred for himself, in the wrong family?
And maybe it’s the fault of Big Boss producers as well for not doing a thorough background check and promoting an imposter.
Stay tuned in to see, how the future of Big Boss house and Zubair Khan unfolds!!

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