Do you ever wonder how your favorite female celeb manages to look amusingly flawless all day long, whether it’s off camera or on her recent snap story at FB or Instagram ? Well, everyone can’t have the picture perfect look all day long, especially during a hectic day (unless you’re a fairy, or a witch, a vampire or a mermaid or from a different planet) .In a selfie driven digital world the need to look perfect at all times has increased.  You are constantly asking “So how can I look my best, whenever and wherever I want?”So, here we bring you 6 makeup essentials to your rescue, that make your face goes from drab to fab….. Always …..Have a look !

The compulsory kohl

AKajal or kohl: A product which is a mandatory part of the “desi” look and would be surely present in every Indian woman’s vanity. By the afternoon, even the most smudge-proof kajal starts to fade, therefore it’s important to touch it up again. A kajal can be doubled up as eyeliner and can also be used to tight line the eyes. It Instantly makes your blank, tired face  look more  awake and your eyes look fresh .Make sure you choose the one that glides on smoothly, is waterproof and is an ophthalmologist-tested brand that can be used even by contact lens wearers.


So go ahead woman, be a proud kajal junkie.

Pro Tip : Do carry a nude/ skin colored eye pencil along with a black/brown one to apply to the inner corner of eyes for the “big doe shaped” eye effect.

The ‘fixing’ Compact powder

The compact fixes up the base makeup i.e. the foundation and concealer and doesn’t let it move for a long time. So, no matter how carefully you apply your makeup in the morning, a handy dandy compact is a must have in your makeup bag as regular touch ups are required throughout the day, especially if the weather is summery. It can also be used as a neutral matte eye shadow and also as a brow bone highlight if you don’t want to carry too many products. You can opt for a translucent one if you want a natural, matte look or you can go with the tinted alternative if you want some coverage too.


Pro tip: Spray a face mist on your face let it dry slightly and dab your skin lightly with a tissue paper before touching up your base with the powder. If you get excess product on your face by mistake and it makes you look like the ghost in that desi daily soap, don’t panic! Try to blend in with a powder brush/ a rolled tissue and you’ll be good to go.

Lipstick  and lip balm :  for those luscious lips

A pop of color on your lips not only results in that “perfect pout” , but brightens up your entire face along with your spirits. You can choose from a lipstick or a lip balm .Choose a lippy that gives a smooth application and has a good pigmentation so that it doesn’t wear off much during eating and drinking. A lipstick can be doubled up as a Cheek stain too; just dot it to the apples of your cheeks and blend for a healthy hue.

However, If you’re not a lipstick girl, make sure you have a lip balm, preferably a tinted one which will make your lips stay hydrated your  and will prevent them from chapping. Choose the one which has inbuilt SPF to sun protect your lips



Pro tip:  For a more natural and “stained lip” look, take the lipstick on your finger and dab it lightly on your lips.

Highlighter-for that dash of radiance.

Let’s face it: we cannot have that healthy glow going on our face always, especially in the era where everyone is super busy and sleep deprived. But who said you can’t add a false glow to that droopy face? All you need is the right amount of daubing of that highlighter to flaunt every facial feature which you wish to, and feel like a glam queen. A highlighter is a multipurpose product- It can be used as an eye shadow, It can be used to define  the brow bone so that your brow game is always on point; It can also be used to highlight the inner corners of your eyes for that” doe eyed” effect.

Pro tip: for a perfectly highlighted face, use highlighter on all the high points of your face such as the forehead, brow bone, tip of the nose, cheekbones and chin with a fan brush.

Concealer- Because a little cover up never hurt anyone

Concealers are used to mask fine lines, areas of uneven pigmentation like the under eyes, blemishes and shadows near the nose and mouth. Therefore you should have it with you to retouch these areas if the makeup fades during the day. A matte concealer may look cakey in the under eye part , therefore it’s better to use a liquid concealer with a dewy finish; While for covering up blemishes and acne scars, a stick or dry concealer would work wonders!


Pro tip: Do set your concealer with a powder especially in the areas with fine lines like the under eyes. If you avoid that, concealers tend to crease or wear off.

So go ahead, take a selfie and display your perfect skin to the world……all the time, every time.

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