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Beauty Tips according to your zodiac sign

By admin

December 16, 2016

Here are some beauty tips according to your zodiac signs. Have a look:


You are such a beauty. You just need to enhance it with some makeup. You can add some color to your lips. To make your eyes look bigger, you can use some mascara. To match with your bold personality, you can pick bright colors like red, orange, yellow and pink.


You are someone who is close nature, hardworking and ambitious. Chokers are a great beauty option for you. You can pick colors like pink, green and red.


You are the creative one and you are in for trying different things. You can wear unique colors and combinations. Make sure it is something bright that defines your personality.


Go for shades like white, rose and pink for your lips. You can pick colors like silver and golden for your nails. When it comes to hair, you can go for blunt cuts and ponytails.


Your sunsign is all about power and shades like red and orange are made for you. Go for shades like blue and purple for your nails. Some highlights in your hair will work great with your personality.


Shades like blue, pink, orange and red go well with your personality. You can also try shimmery shades to make a statement.

Come back tomorrow for the other 6 sunsigns!