Bedroom Video of This Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Leaked: Here’s What He Has To Say

By admin

July 25, 2018

Social media is as much a boon as it is a bane. While it helps people stay connected with their near and dear ones, a slight negligence and it can turn your life upside down. Many actresses have suffered from their personal Videos and images being leaked online. And the latest entrant in this list of Ribbhu Mehra.


Ribbhu Mehra, who plays the antagonist Nikhil in the hit Star TV show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, faced a similar situation when his bedroom video with co-star Sneha Namanandi was leaked online. However, it wasn’t an accidental video leak but it was Ribbhu himself who leaked his behind the scenes video of a bedroom scene being shot for a music video. He shared the video with a caption, “Swipe!! Making of recent Music video : “Re Piya” released on @zeemusiccompany.”


A leading entertainment tabloid contacted Ribbhu about the video that is making rounds on the internet. He said,  “Well, this particular sequence was quite an important one. We wanted it to look classy, sensuous. The idea was to not make it look obscene or desperate. And there is a very thin line between the two. I had just met Sneha on the very same day so we had very little time to get to know each other and strike the right chemistry. In no time, we were on same page and decided to go with the flow and make the shot very natural and sensuous. But of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without our director Aslam Khan and our DOP Pradeep.”