Aditya Chopra is one director who is known for his heart-touching stories. With his next movie, Befikre coming up next month, our excitement is reaching another level. Most of the movies directed by Aditya have given us a unique definition of love for us. With Befikre, it looks like Aditya is set to the break the rules. Do you know who is the inspiration behind Befikre’s script? It is none other than Rani Mukherjee. Yes, according to a source, “Adi (director Aditya Chopra) wrote this script as an homage to his own marriage. Both Rani and Adi love Paris more than any city in the world. Ranveer was director Adi’s first and last choice to play the dilli ka chokra Dharam. For the role of Kyra, Adi was extremely keen to cast Vaani, who he feels has tremendous potential. He made her learn French with a French tutor from scratch and made sure she sounded like a half-French girl.”


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