Bigg Boss 11 is not going to stop here!! We have not yet digested Priyank-Divya breakup that there is another twist. But this time the viewers are quite confused.

Benafsha Soonawala, the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 11 is seen hanging out with Priyank’s EX girlfriend Divya. Don’t believe it? But that’s the truth!!

In a recent post, Benafsha uploaded a happy picture with Divya on Instagram, along with a boomerang video. After watching her post one thing is clear, that the two looks extremely happy together.

The picture has left everyone amused as its just few days back when Divya broke up with Priyank on National television because of her insecurities with Benafsha.

Not only this, Priyank and Benafsha have been linked with each other on many social platforms (the two were even captured in cosy moments in the show).

Priyank was in a relationship with the Splitsvilla girl Divya, before he entered the house. And his extreme closeness with Benafsha made Divya feel insecure. Also, Divya even mentioned that Priyank never took her name on-screen, instead he was always found getting involved with Benafsha or Hina. These insecurities made her break up with Priyank on national television.


Even Benafsha kept on clarifying about Priyank and her relation (after her eviction), where she has mentioned many times that there was nothing between the two, and they were just good friends. But even after all this, things never seemed to be fine. Instead it became worse for Priyank inside the house who still gets blamed for his deeds.

Well don’t know about Priyank, but this picture of Benafsha and Divya surely tells that something is going on between the two.

In the recent episode of BB Lab test, the inmates were divided into two teams, where one team acted as robots and the other team was given a task to make the robots react. During the task, we saw that Vikas has put a lot of allegations on Priyank, related to his never-ending relationships. He even blamed Priyank for faking a relationship with Divya, and even pointed out on Ben and his friendship.

Just after this episode, Ben and Divya were seen together. But the twist doesn’t end here as, Ben has even written a long note for Vikas Gupta. Let’s see what all she has in her mind for Vikas.

Is she happy with Priyank getting blamed? Or Is she disappointed with Vikas!!

Stay tuned to know more about Bigg Boss Season 11.

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