Benefits Of Walking Daily: Prolong Your Life

Walking is a kind of exercise, which is free to do and easy to get fit into your daily schedule. All you need is a sturdy pair of walking shoes. Walking helps prevent certain diseases and even make your life longer than usual. The exercise offers numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels.

If you haven’t started yet, then go ahead and start your program gradually, increasing length and pace as you get used to it. Let’s get down to the benefits of walking:

1. Strengthen The Heart: Walk for at least 30 minutes a day, and five days a week. Maintaining this routine can reduce your risk for coronary heart disease by about 19 per cent. The risk can reduce even more if you increase the duration as a whole.

2. Reduces Blood Sugar: A small study found that taking a 15-minute walk three times a day (after breakfast, lunch and dinner) enhanced blood sugar levels more than taking a 45-minute walk at some other point during the day. This routine can also make you fit by the side.

3. Burn Calories: Walking can help you burn calories. Factors to be noted regarding that are: a) Walking speed; b) Distance covered; c) Walking uphill &; d) your weight.

4. Boosts Immunity: Walking can reduce risk for developing cold or flu. A study found that during flu session, out of a thousand adults, those who walked at a moderate pace for 30 to 45 minutes a day, had 43 per cent fewer sick days and fewer upper respiratory tract infections as a whole.

5. Eases Joint: Walking may help protect joints, including knees and hips. It happens because walking helps lubricate and strengthen the muscles supporting the joints.

6. Boosts Energy: Walking increases oxygen flow through the body. It also helps in increasing levels of cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These are the hormones that elevate levels of energy.

7. Mood Enhancement: Studies show that walking can help reduce anxiety, depression, and any other negative mood. It can also boost self-esteem and reduce symptoms of social withdrawal.

8. Extension Of Life: Walking at a faster pace can extend your life. Researchers found that walking at an average pace compared to a slow pace, resulted in 20 per cent reduced risk of overall death.

9. Thinking Creatively: A study included four experiments, comparing people trying to think of new ideas while they were walking or sitting. Researchers, after the experiments, found that participants did better while walking, particularly while walking outdoors.

10. Toning Legs: Walking can help to strengthen muscles in the legs. If you need to build up more strength, walk in a hilly area or on a treadmill, in an inclined position. You can also find routes with stairs.

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