Shweta Tiwari has been through hell in her personal life. She was married to Raja Chowdhury but had an ugly Breakup as he would domestically assault her. She had a daughter Palak with him and got her custody after the separation. After some time, she married Abhinav Kohli and had a son with him. Things didn’t turn out too good for the two as Abhinav was too pointy at Palak’s personal life.

Then we got to know that she has separated from him. But according to a news portal, TellyChakkar, the two have been living together. Yes, you read right. Shweta and Abhinav are not living separately. In a conversation with TellyChakkar, Abhinav confirmed that they are living together. He said, “We’re not separated. We are staying together.” However, he refused to answer any more questions and said, “I can’t speak much about it.”

Earlier, while Speaking to Pinkvilla, Shweta opened up saying that she has always been gracious in handling all the situations with full dignity throughout her journey. She has ensured not to get into any controversy. She went on to reveal that she never let anyone see her differently even during the worst time of life.

The entertainment portal quoted the actress saying, “That is also because I have so many responsibilities, so many people to look after. I can’t afford to be depressed, or sulk, or let myself go in the drains because I have my daughter, my son, have my house to look after. I am the only earning member, I am the only strongest, I think I am the man-woman of the house.”

Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak has constantly been her pillar of strength and Shweta was able to whatever she did because her daughter was her strongest support. While agreeing to it, Shweta said, “That is true.” Shweta Tiwari Finally Opens Up, “I’m The Only Earning Member, Can’t Be Depressed” After Separating From Abhinav Kohli.