Best gift ideas this Diwali

The festival of lights is back with a lot of excitement. It is again the time when there will be Diwali parties, meeting relatives, friends and dear ones. Here are few gift ideas which can come in handy during this action packed festival season.
1.Home decors:

Home decors are always the best idea to gift an individual as they can come in use by the other person. Home decors such as a show piece, vase, rugs or bed sheets can be gifted. This acts as a thoughtful and useful gift for the person who is receiving it. Always keep the taste and preference of the recipient while buying these items.
2.Chocolates and sweets:

Diwali is the time to eat and enjoy the festivities. One can always gift chocolates and sweets. Sweets are considered auspicious to be gifted on any occasion. Chocolates and sweets can be gifted in beautiful wrappings. It is an ideal gift for a family that has small children. In this case chocolate can be bought that are in different forms with attractive wrappings. If chocolates are gifted to a couple or single people they can be combined with flowers.

Most of the people tend to redo their interiors during Diwali. One can gift beautiful paintings. Paintings act as a sophisticated gift as well as it is meaningful. It is the best gift for those who have a creative mind and appreciate artistic things.
4.Traditional items:

Traditional items such as beautiful diyas, candle holders, kandils, pujathalis can be gifted. This would make one feel close to their culture as well it would be useful during the puja and the ritualistic practices of Diwali. It is a very good gift item for the people who like to celebrate Diwali a traditional way. These items are very handy as it can be used during the festival.
5.Food hampers:

Food hampers are an amazing gift idea as they would contain various dishes to add to variety of the individuals taste. They are a very creative and a good gift idea. An assortment of food items can be gifted as per the liking of the recipients. Check the date of manufacture and expiry before buying such items.
6.Beauty product hampers:

Beauty product hampers could be gifted to close people in one’s life. Beauty hampers could be shaving kits, perfume set, bathing soaps, cosmetics, salts set, manicure and pedicure set. This would make the one receiving it feel pampered and loved. It is a good gift as it adds a touch of personal touch into it.

Diys are amazing idea for the festival season as they act as a personalised good gift in budget. One can make beautiful diyas, paintings and home décor items. This can beautifully wrap and gifted. This would add a touch of personal love and care while gifting the individual. It is a perfect idea for those who want to show their love and affection in a gift to the person receiving it.
8.Personal Items:

Personal Items like handbags, clothes, jewellery items, gold and silver coins make an excellent gift for individuals. These types of gifts are ideal if it is to be gifted to close family member or friend. These personalised gifts resonate the inner feelings of warmth and love.


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