Approximately 10% of the world’s population is left handed. Yet finding the best golf clubs for left handers can be a challenging task. This does not mean that there aren’t good options for left handers, it just means to find the best you need to do a bit of work.  

In recent years this situation has improved. There is now more variety in golf club wedges, you can also find some of the best wedges for high handicappers.​ 

We will discuss a few things that are important to consider, when you are evaluating clubs for left handers.  

Selecting The Best Clubs For Left Handed Players 

Legends like Phil Mickelson, Mike Weir and Bubba Watson are all famous left handed golfers. Despite this fact, this market has been sadly neglected in the previous years. Due to this many left handed golfers both professional and amateurs, were forced to play right handed. Greg Norman, Curtis Strange and Nick Price are all pros in this category.  

But now the situation has changed and you can find many club options for left handers of all skills and different budgets. Some of the best golf clubs are now also available for left handed golfers. 

Online shopping has made buying golf clubs for lefties much easier. As many retailers do not have left oriented clubs in stock, you have to order and wait. Buying online makes it much easier to buy the ideal clubs for you. 

Choosing The Best Clubs For Lefties 

Obviously you choose the opposite configuration of the clubs and further the normal guidelines of selecting a club are applied.  

Understand Your Skill Level 

A beginner investing in an expensive feature rich set of golf clubs, would not be able to extract the full value of the clubs, so the investment won’t be worth it. Beginners are better off buying a set that is designed for their skill level and will also save money.  

But if you are committed to the game, you will want to buy a set that will work for you as you get better. This will require a bit of thinking.  

Consider Your Needs 

Left handers have different needs just like right handers. Some may desire great forgiveness, while others may prefer more distance or control. Consider the factors that are important to your game.  


This is obviously an important factor. The price of golf clubs ranges from budget friendly to highly expensive. This factor relates to your skill level and your commitment to the game.  

A beginner is better off with a relatively inexpensive set, while they work on their skills. 

Those who are a bit experienced and committed to the game may want to invest a little more in their set of golf clubs which will work for them as they improve their skills. 

In most of the cases the price of left handed golf clubs is the same as the equivalent right handed golf clubs. 

Other Factors To Consider 

Left handed golfers need to consider a range of factors just like the right handed golfers. The weight and shaft flex of the club are important to consider, depending on your swing speed. Slow swingers prefer lighter clubs and a shaft with more flex. Durability, sound and feedback, look, grip and many other factors must also be considered. 

5 Best Golf Clubs For Left Handed Golfers 

  1. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set 
  2. Pinemeadow men’s PGX Golf Set 
  3. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set 
  4. TaylorMade M2 Men’s Iron Set 
  5. MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set