Best Sex Blogs For A Healthy And Successful Sex Life; Visit, Research, Learn And Perform

I know that there is nothing more overrated than sex. Every living being on earth is in one way or the other curious about it. But when it comes to holding an open talk or getting into successful intercourse, most of us fail. The main reason behind this, as we all know is the little knowledge we gain from magazines and the dangerous fantasies we master from porn sites. Let’s check out the best five sex blogs to lead a healthy sex life; here you go.

Maze Women’s Sexual Health Blog

This blog offers you all knowledge about the sex life. It gives you detailed information about Vaginismus, Low Sex Drive, Painful Sex, Monalisa Touch, Hormone Imbalances and many more aspects of sexual life. The blog is led by a team of three women. The team headed is by Clinical Director Dr Bat Sheva Marcus.

It helps people in resolving both the physical and psychological aspects of sexual health. The sole aim of the blog is to educate adults so that they get complete satisfaction from sex. Maze is open for virtual telehealth appointments to help people.

Ben’s Natural Health » Sexual Health

Ben Natural’s Health is not just a blog for clarifications on sexual help, but also a guide to lead a healthy life. It has experts in different fields from weight loss trainers to prostrate diabetes. In its sexual health page, it gives diet advice, workout tips and also prescribes medicines for happy sex. The blog gives insight on specific topics like Erectile Dysfunction. Their motto is to combine holistic healing with modern science.

Astroglide » Sexual Health

The blog gives you a deep information on sexualities and genders. It provides tips on using lubes, effective oral sex, sex positions and masturbation. Articles are written by Dr Heather, Dr Angela, Dr Justin, Dr Josh, Dr Jess and the Astroglide Team serves a wide understanding of healthy sex.

Rewire News

Rewire News is more than a blog. It offers you news from all parts of the world. It highlights stories related to contraception, sex, domestic violence and features content on motherhood, queer community etc. The blog also helps people to educate themselves on legal aspects if in case of any abuse or violence. It has a separate section for sexual health and family planning as well. 

Sex, Etc.

This blog particularly aims at teens. Another interesting fact about this blog is that it is penned by teens too. But that doesn’t mean adults shouldn’t refer to them. The blog addresses several sexual issues and gives tips on healthy sex. It also conducts polls on sex-related matters.


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