Are you bestowing enough care on your facial skin?

By Deepalatha

Priyanka, around 42 years of age and an ever-busy and dedicated school teacher, on the cusp of promotion as headmistress, had never paid much attention to her skin, specially facial skin. Now, when she sees her daughter, in her late teens, taking special care of her skin and her body and elaborate care of her face, silken and smooth, Priyanka plunges into contemplation frequently since her face appeared rough and not glowing.

There is absolutely no use in regretting now. There are a good number of things that women in particular, do to their skin that make it appear older. A good example is that a large number of women rub their face when cleansing, probably because they want to get that last trace of make-up off.

But such roughness can be ageing, is the consensus of dermatologists, and plain damaging to your complexion, eventually aggravating a creepy look of the skin. You should always blot – not – rub – your facial skin dry.

A particular danger area for too-harsh treatment is around the eyes and eyelids. The correct way to clean this area is to take a damp cotton ball, but with gentle emollient cleanser on it. Thereafter, very gently swoosh it off and blot.

Go easy on astringent: Another “skin ager” is astringent overuse, say dermatologist with emphasis. First of all, only women with oily skin should use astringents, as per the advice of dermatologists. It’s not at all a good way to help normal skin exfoliate. If you use it, it will remove the protective layer that keeps water in your skin. If you overdo it. It will make your skin dry and irritated.

Exfoliate: Of the newest things a cosmologist can do to help keep your skin look young, is the glycolic acid treatment, which results in a microspopic peeling of the skin. This works effectively to improve the entire texture of your skin to even out skin discolouration and to make the skin fresher. This type of peel also helps in minimising fine lines.

Glycolic acid is a member of the alpha-hydroxy of fruit-acid family. A glycolic acid peel is normally performed in a series of four peels at an interval of a week or fortnight. There can also be interval of a month. Thereafter, you require a treatment only once occasionally, say once after several months.

Colouring yourself youthful: Adding subtle colour to your face renders it look younger. Using blush adds colour and can also give a youthful uplift to your face. As age advances everything starts to be pulled down by gravity but by using blush directly beneath the cheekbone and a little bit up the temple area you give emphasis to the cheeks and give an upward lift to the face.

Exposure to the sun combined with advancing age may darken skin discolourations that may he remedied by a concealer. You need to bear in mind that a concealer should not be oily because it pools in any facial. It also should not be heavy. It shouldn’t be dry also so that you may not be pulling on the skin when you apply it. It should have a good deal of pigment so that it can go on very thin and still cover your own skin tone.

The purpose of concealers is to even out your skin tone and conceal discolourations. Select the shade closest to your liking. Employing shade that’s much lighter than your skin is a leftover beauty habit from nearly half a century ago.

One of the chief things you want to keep is the appearance of elasticity that’s the hallmark of youthful skin. That can, come, to certain degree, from good eating habits, avoiding putting on excess weight, avoiding alcohol and smoking and exercising.

You need to follow a good skin-care regimen – cleansing, toning and moisturing which can diminish lines and puffiness and make an enormous difference. In general, women seem to understand the importance of a moisturiser. But cleansing is as important as any other part of your regimen. Getting your skin clean is an intergral part of the skincare system to keep your skin looking young.

The most important age-accelerator that we can control is exposure to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. The most effective step to younger-looking skin is to control how much time you spend in the sun and to protect yourself with sunscreen while you are outside. It’s quite wise to apply a sunscreen frequently if you are spending the day on the beach or actively enough engaged to work up a sweat.

The sun also promotes wrinkles in yet another way. If you are outside on a bright day, chances are you’ll be squinting. This repeated action can ultimately rob your eyes of their youthful appearance. Wear sunglasses to prevent wrinkles in the delicate area of the eyes and don’t fail to apply sunscreen.