Beware! Dangerous Side Effects Of Wrapping Food In Aluminium Foil You Must Know

All children have a prelude to tiffin. If there is nothing good in the tiffin, the food comes back home. So all parents try to make such dishes for children that will be healthy but tasty. Some guardians also rebuke them for not eating tiffin. Have you ever realized that there must be something wrong in giving this tiffin?

Do you wrap your child’s tiffin in aluminum foil to keep food warm and fresh? You can forget this but it can have a bad effect on the baby’s body later on.

If food is left in the aluminum foil for more than two hours, the food slowly mixes with the aluminum — which replaces the zinc in the body. Zinc replacement causes disturbances in the balance of insulin in the body. This can lead to diabetes. According to nutritionists, many children suffer from juvenile diabetes, one of the reasons being burning food in this aluminum foil.

In addition, the accumulation of excess aluminum in the brain tissue increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum also interferes with the growth of brain cells. If the level of aluminum in the body increases, bone problems can also occur.

Adults too can have problems if they eat food wrapped in aluminum foil. Starting from gastric problems to feeling weak, anything can happen if continue for a long time.

Aluminum mixes with the food when hot food is wrapped in aluminum foil for a long time. If a small amount of aluminum enters the body, it causes a lot of damage. But due to this habit for a long time, it is difficult to accumulate aluminum in the body. Experts say that steel containers are much healthier than aluminum foil. Good quality steel pots are also good for the body. So use the same tiffin box, and burn baby food in it.

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