Once again a television actress has been body shamed for posting her picture on Instagram. Every now and then we get to hear such cases where actresses are shamed for posting pictures wearing a bikini or their figure.

This time the trollers hit at Beyhadh actress Aneri Vajani. Aneri posted a picture in lingerie for International Yoga Day and she captioned it, “When you own your breath nobody steals your peace! Happy Yoga Day!”.

While some of them body shamed her, others requested her to eat something thinking that she has some kind of deficiency. Here are some of the comments:

When You Own Your Breath NoBody Steals Your Peace! Happy Yoga Day! 🙂 #yoga day!

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Gharwale khana nhi dete kya 😂😂

Not willing to disrespect you but you look absolutely disgusting in this outfit.You look good in salwar.Delete it before everyone starts making fun of you.

@vajanianeri whatever may be the pic and your body type, thats fine.. but strange part is who wears such kind of ill fit and box type inner!!! U better get a check done..

Please eat something

Her name is vajani but she’s not at all vajani (wajni) 😉

I do care for you please eat something …you r so thin to live

Dear we respect you ..it requires guts to post , flaunt and love your body without bothering how people will react …bt plz remove this pic ..its wierd and looks as if you r suffering from some sort of deficiency …

It’s high time that people stop body shaming!

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