Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain Fame Soumya Tandon Reveals Being Rejected Since She Is ‘Too Fair’, Says ‘You Not Brown, You’ll Not Be Cast As Indian’

As of late, the discussion over discrimination and racism has reignited. After George Floyd’s demise, individuals challenged prejudice, and Bollywood stars, for example, Priyanka Chopra, Disha Patani, Deepika Padukone, among others likewise demonstrated their help to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ development and took a stand in opposition to bigotry in US. In any case, they were before long gotten out for their bad faith as they were posting about enemy of bigotry while advancing skin helping items in their own nation. From that point forward, numerous big names made some noise about being separated and confronting inclination dependent on their skin shading. Presently, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain star Saumya Tandon uncovered that separation isn’t constrained to simply individuals who aren’t reasonable, as she has additionally been dismissed for being excessively fair previously.

Reviewing her own understanding, Saumya Tandon said in a meeting with Hindustan Times, that she missed out on a great deal of work because of her skin shading as when she gives tries out abroad, she is informed that she is excessively fair, and they have an assumption of an Indian young lady being not too fair.

Talking about the same, the actress said, “I lost out on a lot of work because they said ‘she is too fair’, because they perceive an Indian girl to not be that, she should be ‘brown’. A lot of auditions I give abroad, they say ‘oh you are fair, Indian girls are not supposed to be that’. I said it’s so stereotypical. The world outside perceives the Indian girl to be brown.”

Saumya Tandon said since actors of Indian origin, working abroad as Indians are shown to be brown, they will not accept any other colour. “I have been rejected being told ‘you are not brown, so you will not be cast as an Indian,” she said.

Saumya Tandon additionally shared her experience of missing out on a universal film to another young lady who wasn’t fair. She was likewise inquired as to whether she feels being called ‘gori mem’ on her show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain, is ordering her based on shading. She answered saying that she doesn’t discover it as a maltreatment insofar as they aren’t stating they will lean toward her since she is fair.

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