Bharti Singh says on her birthday: “Today, when I can get a cake; I don’t feel like having it”

It’s Bharti Singh’s birthday today and it won’t be wrong to say that this one is more special as it’s her first birthday after her marriage. We all know Bharti as a comedian who has a very bubbly personality and puts a smile on every person’s face she meets but very fewer people know about the struggles and fights she had fought to reach this far in her life.



When asked how she used to celebrate her birthdays as a child she said “We didn’t have a lot of money to spend and couldn’t afford cakes. We would be happy with two pastries, which we would place together and stick a candle on top. Today, when I can get a cake, I don’t feel like having it.”


So we all can see the long journey Bhari has covered to gain this success.


Every year Bharti throws big parties on her birthday bash so when asked about her plans for this birthday by Hindustan Times she said, “Harsh is planning something and doesn’t want me to find out about it. We might go away for a few days. When I wasn’t married, I used to love big birthday bashes, but now I would prefer to have a quiet evening with Harsh. We are usually busy, so being together is special and birthdays are special now, as this is my first birthday post our wedding.”


She further said, “I hope Harsh has planned something good. Yeh na ho ke kisi dhabe meinhi le jaaye (laughs).”

Bharti also praised her beloved husband by saying “He likes to buy branded handbags or purses for me, which I would never buy for myself as I am a kanjoos. I feel, instead of spending so much money on purses, we could use the money for a trip and go somewhere nice. But he wants me to have them because he wants me to have all the good things in life. Once he drove all the way to town to buy a special handbag for me, even though he hates being stuck in traffic. It felt very special.”


So here we wish Bharti a very happy birthday and a healthy, beautiful and a very happy married life ahead.

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