Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani clashes with Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan, Shilpa breaks down in tears.

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November 17, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 has been one of the most dramatic seasons so far. From fights to hookups, everything that is going on inside the house has kept the audience glued. o.

Earlier Akash had a ugly fight with Hina Khan but this he got into an argument with Shilpa where he mentioned that he has used for her benefit. He also said, “Shilpa was only pretending to be all motherly with him and at the same time playing her own game”.

Akash also involved Arshi Khan in the fight.  After the fight,Shilpa was seen crying and having a breakdown in the house.

Check out the videos here:-

Akash Dadlani gets into an argument with Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde. What will happen next? Keep watching #BB11. pic.twitter.com/HuqQFXgsGh — COLORS (@ColorsTV) 16 November 2017
Akash Dadlani is on a taunting spree with Shilpa Shinde & Arshi Khan. Watch the drama unfold on #BB11! — COLORS (@ColorsTV) 16 November 2017


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