BIGG BOSS 10: Mona Lisa and Gaurav Chopra’s HOT DIP in the jacuzzi

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 10 is surely going to be the hottest one of this season when two of the celebrity contestants Monalisa and Gaurav Chopra gets naughty in the Jacuzzi of BB10.

According to the luxury budget task of this week contestants are given various options one of it being Mona & Gaurav should compulsorily use the Jacuzzi for half an hour every day.

We can already feel the temperature in Bigg Boss house soaring high! Watching his close friend Monalisa getting cozy with Gaurav, Manu seriously gets upset with her and that’s evident on his face.

While other housemates quite enjoyed Mona & Gaurav’s fun moments in bath tub. We still wonder how he will react on meeting Mona lisa in the main house