Bigg Boss 10 is just one day away from its finale and everyone is eagerly waiting to see the winner. This week Rohan and Bani were nominated and in a surprise eviction, Rohan Mehra gets eliminated. Rohan Mehra gets lesser votes as compared to Bani. obviously, Bani has a huge fan following, due to which she got more votes and become the fourth finalist.

It was expected that Rohan Mehra is going to piss off by his elimination and after being eliminated from the house he makes shocking revelations about the contestants, makers of Bigg Boss and especially about Bani J.

He highlighted Bani’s rude behaviour and stated how she makes things difficult in the house. While speaking to Bollywoodlife, Rohan expressed how tough it was for everyone to stay inside the house with Bani.

Rohan says

I don’t understand how Bani is the most popular contestant on the show. She should be the least liked contestant in the show. She is extremely selfish and in fact, should be the least liked contestant in the show. Even if you are friends with her, she makes things very difficult with her endless taunts. It is very difficult to stay with her in the house.”

Further, he talked about the unfair game played by Bigg Boss makers and said

I have felt that on a lot of occasions. There were so many tasks I wanted to participate in but I couldn’t because I was nominated for the entire season.”

There have been many instances when Bani was very rude and arrogant to other contestants. One fresh example is her cat fight with Lopamudra Raut in the call centre task. Lopa just made a random statement that she is using her ill mother as a trump card to gain sympathy but Bani reacted very furiously and even assaulted her physically.

May be Rohan is right this time; he has revealed whatever he has experienced! What’s your view on this? Whom do you support? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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