Bigg Boss 11: These 2 contestants to get evicted from the show this weekend?

Another week is come to an end and the viewers are waiting to see another contestant getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. With evictions every week and the show reaching the 8th week, the fight is getting tougher and everyone in the house is gearing up for the finale. This week, contestants who have been nominated for eviction are – Sapna Chaudhary, Priyank Sharma, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde.

As per a recent poll, Sapna Choudhary and Priyank Sharma are likely to get evicted this week from the Bigg Boss house. All four nominated contestants this week are strong contestants and anyone of these going out of the show will be a bill blow. According to last reports, it was Luv Tyagi who was expected to get evicted from the house last week. Luv’s gang – Hina, Sapna and Priyank knew that he would be again put to nominations. To save him from nominations, his gang played smartly and saved him from getting nominated.

Or else it would have been Luv who would have got evicted from the show this week, owing to his less popularity and minimal participation inside the Bigg Boss house. Shilpa and Hina are strong contenders on the show and have been performing well since the very first day. Also, the two have a huge fan following outside. If the eliminations cut down to Sapna and Priyank, then it is surely going to be a tough fight.

While Sapna has a good fan following in Haryana and other parts of North India, Priyank too has a huge craze among the youth of the country. However, after what Priyank did yesterday by body shaming Shilpa and Arshi, he is surely going to pay for it and we are hoping his fans to not support him any further.
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