The House of the Bigg Boss 11 is getting controversial day by day. The contestants are trying everything in the house to remain in the news. The so-called love birds of this season Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra are in full mood to create new interest in the house now. Do you know Bandagi scolded Puneesh for touching her without her permission? Yes, you are getting correct, in an unseen video on VOOT we came to know that Puneesh Sharma Touches Bandagi Kalra without her consent and in return, he got a good scolding from her.

This week both the contestants Bandagi and Puneesh are nominated, Bandagi scolded Puneesh for touching her without her consent and questioned him, why he didn’t ask her before doing it (whatever he did) last night. To this Puneesh replied that he doesn’t need her consent for doing so. He concluded saying that it is for granted! Bandagi reminded him that they are on national television so they need to behave in an appropriate way, to which Puneesh said that he doesn’t care about it. Bandagi further asks him if they are married yet or if they are going to. In reply, Puneesh asked her another question asking if it would have been fine if they were married. To this, Bandgi says that there would have been no problem if they were married.

Earlier, Puneesh and Bandagi were seen romancing several times in the house after the lights of the house went switched off. They were often seen discussing the future of their relationship and sometimes they locked inside the bathroom in midnight. The host, Salman Khan warned them that the house contains more than 100 cameras and everything is recorded and also told them to behave as they are on national television and millions of people are watching them.

Bandagi is already in a blow as her ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal had done broke-up with her because of her cheap tactics to act like lovebirds to survive in the game. Talking to a leading daily Dennis said,“ Seeing the video where Bandagi is asking him to break up clearly shows she is insecure about getting eliminated. And wants to finish her relationship with Puneesh and come out of the show clean. Also somewhere back of her mind she knows that their relationship has not been accepted by the audience.”

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