The fight for the final win on the show is getting tougher every week as every contestant is playing their own kind of game. Friendship, brotherhood, relationships, everything starts to fade off when it comes to winning and this is what is happening inside the Bigg Boss house currently. To even win a single task, every contestant inside the Bigg Boss house is willing to cross every limit. Well, this is what the game is all about!

It was nomination day yesterday and Shilpa got safe from this elimination after winning the task given to her a day before where she had to share a big secret of her life with the public. On winning the task, Shilpa got the advantage of having a look at the nomination process by the housemates. Shilpa enjoyed seeing the footage and on coming outside, she said that she can make literally fight against each other.

Benafsha asks Shilpa about Akash’s nomination and she tells her that Akash is telling personal things about Ben on the cameras that she is unhygienic. In return, Ben says that she has some reputation and he can’t talk about her like that on camera. Benafsha tells Akash that she is trying to fit in the house and do all the work but Akash doesn’t listen to her. Today, we will get to see Akash and Ben getting in an ugly fight and Ben will be seen pulling his hair.

On the other hand, Puneesh and Bandgi again get close. A day before they were captured on camera liplocking. Hina, Sabyasachi and Priyank talk about Bandgi and Puneesh. Hina says that they are insane that they are making out on camera. Bandgi, who was already in a relationship with Dennis outside the house, crossed all limits. Her boyfriend has broken up with her and deleted all the pictures with her on his social media handles.

Contestants are giving each other tough competition and making it difficult to be in the house. We will have to wait and see how many of these relationships formed between contestants will go out long and strong. Stay tuned to our page for more updates on the show.

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