Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma’s romance inside the Bigg Boss house is garnering all the limelight. The two crossed all limits with their PDA on the show and were also warned by Salman Khan to see how they are representing themselves on national television. It became a big problem for Bandgi because not only did her BF Dennis react negatively but his parents too were affected majorly by seeing Bandgi doing all this on the show.

Her BF Dennis Nagpal has broken up with her after seeing her closeness with Puneesh on the show. He has deleted all her pictures and videos with her from his social media handles and officially declared his break up. The shocking part is that Bandgi made shocking allegations on his BF Dennis on the show. Dennis was stunned seeing Bandgi saying such things for him on national television. She was seen saying that she broke up with Dennis because he wanted to share her with someone else.

Now Dennis is really furious and wants to confront her. In a recent interview, he shared, “If at all I get a call from the Bigg Boss team, I may probably confront her and return all the gifts and long letters she wrote to me. The audience too will come to know of all her doings and why she is suddenly behaving like this.”
Bandgi’s father was said to be hospitalized a few days back and Dennis confirmed them. He also confirmed that Bandgi’s landlord has thrown her out of the show. He said, “Yes! Her father was recently hospitalised as he had blood pressure issues. Her whole family is issuing statements of them being not affected by all these things. But, deep down, there is a sense of anger and disrespect for her whole family. In fact, her landlord too has decided to vacate her from the flat where she currently resides in Mumbai.”
If Dennis really gets a chance to confront Bandgi on the show, what do you think will happen! It would be interesting to see Bandgi and Puneesh’s reaction.

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