Contestants can stoop down to any low to make it big in the Bigg Boss house – such is the approach followed by this reality show’s contestants. While TRP levels continue to remain low, drama inside the house is increasing day by day.

Earlier we saw Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani playing dirty to gain power in the house, now Puneesh has joined the bandwagon and stooped down for winning the power. Off late, Puneesh has been making headlines for faking his affair with contestant Bandgi Kalra, his stay in the house truly looks like an underserved grant given to him.
In a recent episode, we say contestants voting for the worst performer of the luxury budget task post which Vikas and Mehjabi were sent to jail. Yesterday Bigg Boss asked the contestants to choose 3 best performers from the task to become the next captain of the house. While Benafsha emerged as the obvious contender as she had earned the maximum cash, after a lot of discussion and argument, Hiten and Puneesh were selected as the other two candidates. Shilpa got angry for not making Akash Dadlani as one of the contender.

To win captaincy, the contestants were asked to pedal a cycle on the buzzer, ringing housemates had to feed water to the one who they didn’t want to make the captain for the coming week. The contenders were made to drink water on frequent intervals. Hiten and Benafsha tried but gave up.

However, what Puneesh did was beyond our imagination and reminded us of last season’s most annoying contestant Priyanka Jagga. In the quest to win the captaincy task, Puneesh did not give like Hiten and Benafsha, and peed in his pants to continue with the task. He is the new captain!
Last year, Priyanka Jagga had also peed in her pants during a task after which Salman had scolded her! Now let’s see, what he has to say about Puneesh’s similar act.

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