Bigg Boss season 11 has finally come to an end and lately, some contestants on the show were seen on Colors’ Entertainment Ki Raat. We shared with you that Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Puneesh Sharma and Arshi Khan were a part of the show. However, in reality, Akash Dadlani was also to be a part of the show along with other Bigg Boss contestants. Akash Dadlani, who was one of the most hyperactive contestants on the Bigg Boss show stepped on the sets of the Colors show with all his nonsense and the makers just couldn’t take it.

So what happened on the shoot day was that Akash was to be a part of the show along with his 4 other co-contestants from the show. When he arrived on the sets of the show, he was given a script briefing. Reportedly he was a little drunk and he demanded changes in the script. The makers did incorporate the changes that he suggested.

However, when the shoot began, he started zoning out and started running around the sets of the show. No one of the sets of the show could control him and he started saying that he doesn’t wish to shoot for the show. He didn’t even listen to the director of the show. Seeing his behaviour, the team threw him out of the show.

While he was on the show, he grabbed all the attention for wrong reasons, including his demeaning comments on his co-contestants, using foul language and irritating everyone with his nonsense behaviour. We wonder when will he come out of his ‘nonsense’ zone!

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