The contestants of the Bigg Boss 11 are making every possible effort in delivering the interesting and controversial contents to the viewers. Following the theme of last season, the makers brought commoners and celebrities to live under the same roof. Jyoti Kumari was one of the contestants who grabbed lots of headlines after entering the Bigg Boss house of season 11. She was involved in the fights with many celebs in the house. She was also the youngest contestants to enter the Bigg Boss house and was praised for her care attitude from the viewers.

The 20-year girl from Bihar was one of the strongest contestants in the house and she played the game in a fair way in the house. The girl got herself in trouble when her picture of smoking in the house went viral on social media. Jyoti was very close to Vikas Gupta, who treated her like a younger sister. She became famous in very less time in front of the viewers. Jyoti was seen exploring her beauty in her own way. Her simplicity and subtleness made viewers relate to her. She was never seen using excessive make-up as her celebrity’s counterparts. She was endeared among the viewers for her simplicity.


Now, talking about her looks let me tell you that she looks totally different now as she has undergone a major transformation after coming out from the Bigg Boss house. We bet you that you won’t be able to recognise her as her looks of the innocent girl is far now.

Let’s have a look at the Jyoti’s transformed look in these photos:



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