Vikas Gupta came as a commoner in Bigg Boss season 11 and instantly grabbed eyeballs for his prior issues with celebrity contestant Shilpa Shinde. Since the very first day, the two have been fighting like anything on the show and taking out all the negativity they have for each other in their hearts. Other than Shilpa Shinde, Vikas has been seen fighting with most of the contestants. To cut it short, Vikas received a lot of popularity because of the drama he created through these fights. Almost every contestant in the house is against him.

In the recent episodes, we got to see Vikas getting tortured by Shilpa and Akash while he is in the jail. Shilpa constantly made personal comments and Vikas was seen crying inside the jail. Later, when couldn’t take it any longer, he ran from the jail. He was called by the Bigg Boss and asked not to repeat this. However, he again tries to run from the house and says he can’t stay under the same roof with Shilpa Shinde.

Meanwhile, his family is really upset to see him like this. His brother, Siddhant Gupta recently in an interview shared what he is feeling after seeing his brother being mistreated in the house. He said, “I feel very guilty for the fact that I pushed him to be a part of the show because I have been a fan of the show myself. However, the way things have been unfolding inside the house, it breaks my heart and I can’t see my brother crying like this. My mother was getting panic attacks last night when she saw how the inmates were treating her son. No one has given them the right to discuss his sexual orientation and make fun of it.”

He also talked about the in-house Shilpa vs Vikas battle. He said, “Shilpa has been instigating him since day one. From what the world knows about them is that it was because of Vikas that she had to quit the popular show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai but little do they know that it was a part of the contract and they don’t have any other history. I too was a fan of her acting until all of this happened and I don’t know why she is holding a grudge.”

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