Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Bandgi Kalra makes shocking revelations about her relations with Puneesh and Hina Khan!

Bigg Boss 11 has been all about shocking twists and turns. And what came as a big shocker recently was Bandgi Kalra’s eviction from the house in the last Weekend Ka Vaar. Though she wasn’t a strong contestant as compared to others in the house, she had definitely managed to grab enough limelight by getting too cosy on the camera with her new found love, Puneesh Sharma. This is why it was quite shocking to see a newsmaker like her to get evicted this week.

Well, her eviction only proves that the audience was sickened watching her indulge in a dirty romance with co-contestant Puneesh just for the camera. She did try her best to keep in news and save herself from being evicted, but sadly her tactics didn’t work any longer and she got eliminated.

After Bandgi got evicted from the show, she seemed very disappointed and even said, “It was quite unexpected and I thought that Luv would get evicted. In fact, most people in the house felt he would be out. I don’t think my eviction was fair because Luv is basically doing nothing. I don’t know why India saved him. Last week, too, he survived and Sapna was evicted and this week it is me. That guy has strong luck.”

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant further went on to clarify that her relation with Puneesh was real and not fake. In an interview with an esteemed daily, the budding model said, “Our love was completely true and I have no complains if it has gone against me. I completely enjoyed my stint in the show and that’s what matters to me. And I don’t have any regret of whatever happened between me and Puneesh. I won’t say it was right but it happened in the emotion and I won’t analyse or cry over spilt milk now. I also have no qualms in accepting that I will continue my relationship with him after the show. I will wait for him as long as need, as I want him to come back with the winning trophy.”

Rubbishing rumours about her wanting a breakup from Puneesh, Bandgi went on to say, “That’s not true. I would be just teasing Puneesh saying, let’s break up. But we are very much together.”

She also clarified about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal and claimed how she had already broken up with him before entering the show. “He has hacked my account and has been spreading all kinds of rumours about me. One of those is that my family, my parents are unhappy about my affair with Puneesh. My family is fine. I had therefore clarified this in front of Salman since Priyank had come from outside and wrong information was being circulated and discussed in the house. My ex just wants some publicity, it will all fade out,” told Bandgi to an esteemed website.

When Bandgi was asked to share her views about Hina Khan as a contestant in the house, she said, “Hina is evil and insecure of her position. She gets extremely mean for the game. Among the entire celebrity clan, she has been a huge disappointment. She needs supporters around her to justify her statements. Once Priyank and Luv are evicted then we will see how strong she is.”

Further talking about who among all the contestants stands a chance to win the show, Bandgi said, “Shilpa and Vikas are playing the game using their mind, not merely by words or emotions. If Puneesh survives then even his chances become brighter. People in the house want to break supporters, relationships, groups…it will be interesting to see who will be able to play solo, especially someone like Hina. Hiten doesn’t stand a chance. He may have a huge fan following, hence he has survived till now, but he is not deserving. He hasn’t stood up for the right stance, at many instances and has just gone with the majority, which is very disappointing.”

Lastly, she concluded by revealing that post the show, she is now open to take up acting and make her big debut soon.