Bigg Boss 11: Evicted contestant Sapna Chaudhary slams Bandgi, calls her ‘Shameless’

This week, Bigg Boss 11 witnessed another eviction and the eviction blow came to none other than the beautiful dancer and entertainer Sapna Chaudhary.
Sapna Chaudhary, who was the lady Dabangg of the house, faced nominations maximum number of times in the house. And this week, when she had things in her hands and could avoid being nominated, she nominated herself to save Luv Tyagi.

And since she was nominated along with contestants like Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Priyank Sharma, who have comparatively higher fan following, her eviction came as no surprise to the audience.

After walking out of the house, Sapna was interviewed where she shared, “I am really happy to have finally found my freedom (laughs). I haven’t yet got my mobile phone also but I am now really looking ahead to watching the show.”

She even went on to clear some misconceptions that the audience had about her being manipulated by Hina Khan during her last days in the show. Rubbishing the same, she said, “Not at all. Hina was my friend, and will always remain so. We are quite similar people and thus bonded well. It might have come across that she was manipulating me but I have a mind of my own. We supported each other and I know we will always do that. I don’t know why people are accusing me for being a dud on Bigg Boss. I played my game and spoke when I had to. I was always open about things I liked or disliked and I had a fun time.”

During her last days in the Bigg Boss house, the Haryanvi dancer got into quite a few fights but the one that had hurt her most was the one with Bandgi and Puneesh. She was so hurt that she couldn’t even stop herself from discussing about the two outside the house too.

In an interview with an esteemed daily, Sapna went ahead to express her dislike towards Bandgi Kalra and said, “If I could save myself and eliminate someone else, it would be Bandgi because she does not deserve to be on the show as she is a shameless woman.” And in another interview with “Pop Diaries”, she even called Bandgi as ‘bandariya’.

On being asked about who has stronger chances to win the show among Hina and Vikas, Sapna said, “Of course Hina is a friend but I think Vikas Gupta has a strong chance to win the show. Initially we started of as great friends but when I realised he was playing mind games, I stopped talking to him. Even when he tried to make ammends, I was not interested.”

However, even after stating this she mentioned that she wants Akash to win the show.


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