One of the most controversial TV reality shows Bigg Boss,In just second week and there have already been too many fights and issues inside the house. In the latest episode, Zubair Khan has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house. The contestant had been threatening other people inside the house.

Zubair filed complaint against Salman and the show, and in an recent interview with media, he shared a few dirty secrets about the show.

Talking about the clauses, his sister shared, “Bigg Boss being termed as a reality show is wrong. You are told to fight twice in a day, you are told to abuse other contestants twice in a day. They told that the abusive segment will be cut, however they don’t cut it. In fact, they show your negative profile so that the show gets more TRP”.

Zubair added to this saying, They had given me dialogues to say, 5 lines everyday. I didn’t know how they are showing me, but after I came out, I saw it.

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