Once again the house of Bigg Boss is ready with a new psychologically challenging and physically demanding luxury budget task. In the task Puneesh Sharma, Luv Tyagi and Vikas Gupta have to dress in a dinosaur costume and fight to enter an arena. The arena contains pictures of all the other contestants, which has to be destroyed one by one by three contestants after buzzing of an alarm. The task can be turned into physical and mental because a physical challenge is to fight each other to reach the arena whereas mental challenge is to figure out the whose pic to destroy. The contestants whose pic still remains will be up for captaincy task. On the previous episode, the three contestants tried teaming up and plan the game, but Vikas betrays Luv and destroys Hina’s pic. His reasoning is that earlier in the same game Luv had destroyed Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde’s pics. So this was sort of a redemption.

In next’s episode promo, it is shown that how Luv has taken this betrayal to the heart and will get physically violent during the task. He will race towards the door to the arena and try to open it. But Vikas is already blocking it. So, starts banging on the door with Vikas’ hand still there, who starts screaming in pain. All the contestants started shouting on Luv and will urge him to let it go but, he will not listen to contestants showing his stubborn attitude. It is funny how Luv takes such things to his ego and get angry.

Sapna’s expectations to be a captain will break once again after her pic seen destroyed by Punish.This time her expectations to be a captain was more. Well, it is interesting to see who will turn out as a captain of the house this time. It is also unfair to let three contestants be the decider of the fate of other contestants. Everyone should get a fair chance to fight for captaincy.

Vikas became the first captain of the house after defeating Puneesh in the task and after that Hina, Luv, Puneesh, Sabyasachi also became the captain of the house in other weeks of the show.

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