Bigg Boss season 11 has successfully become our favourite source of daily dose of masala and entertainment. This season is proving to be a magical mixture of comedy, romance, mirch-masala, fights, emotional drama and glamour. To add to it, Dhinchak Pooja and Priyank Sharma has made a re-entry into the house as a wild card.

Youtube sensation Dhinchak Pooja grabbed the lot of attention not because of songs or she is a youtube sensation but because the internet sensation has revealed details about her boyfriend who is from Chicago.

In one of the episode from the unseen content, Pooja is seen talking to fellow contestant Sabyasachi about a guy she likes. She says, the guy is from Chicago and the two were talking for 15-20 days before she entered the show. The guy approached her for a music video and listening to her fee things did not materialize.

Check out the videos here:-

In episode she also says, She was also talking about how religion is not a problem for her, but she has issues with the guys eating habits as he is a ‘momedian’ and consumes non-vegetarian while she is a hardcore vegetarian. Now we wonder if Pooja’s family would be happy with her boyfriend or her love story goes on to make new headlines.

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