It is just second day of India’s most controversial show’s Bigg Boss and there already is a possible link rumour doing rounds in media. Priyank Sharma, the Splitsvilla fame contestant who makes a very adorable couple with Divya Aggarwal is being eyed here.
The handsome hunk is being linked with his good friend Benafsha Soonawala on the show. Divya, Priyank’s real life girlfriend is not happy with their link up rumours and went live on Instagram to clarify her stand on the rumours.
Here’s what she said!

Priyank is in Bigg Boss. You can’t expect him to sit and not talk to anyone. Benafsha and Priyank are very good old friends. It’s a good thing they went in together. I dont know why so many of you are tagging me in shit that he is going to make a connection with Benafsha. I am very upset with everyone who is saying that… Splitsvilla has been over for 4 months now. We are both genuinely with each other. We fell for each other. It’s sad that you guys still think like that about Priyank.

She further added, “Right before he was leaving, in his interviews he clearly said we were insecure in the beginning, later with time, everything was fine. Now we are not insecure. We trust each other blindly. None of us will do anything that will hurt the other.”
We totally admire the way you are standing up for your guy, Divya! Best wishes to you both.

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