Bigg Boss season 11 will begin anytime soon and while we are all super excited to see commoners fighting with celebrities for the final win, there is a real bad news. Now as per new reports, commoners who will be participating on the show this season won’t be paid any participation fee.

No doubt that the Aam Janta wants a single chance to make it to the television screen watched by millions. So, as per a close source, it has been revealed that commoners will not be paid a single penny for their participation on the show. However, one big thing is that those who are a little known over social media will be paid some amount.

Also, those who manage to increase TRPs will be paid a good amount. Commoners will be given money that they win through tasks and also the amount they receive on winning the show.

Last season, we witnessed a lot of contestants who used foul language for the show after they made an exit. This time, if any contestant does so, he or she will be charged penalty. But wait, there is good news too! Lopamudra Raut and Bani J will reportedly, be seen hosting small segments on the show.

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