The popular reality show Bigg Boss 11 is surprising us with all the crazy antics. There are many couples like Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra who were known for their romantic relationships in the house. The way they decided to be in the limelight was one of the antics in all. They decided to continue a fake love affair to grab the eyeballs and stay in the limelight. With every passing episode, Puneesh and Bandgi only came closer and clung onto each other like a legit couple.

Priyank Shrma, a contestant of the house is also trying hard to create love angle. He asked Bandgi to apply lotion on his back and this make Puneesh green with envy and he asked Bandgi for a kiss. They rose the house temperature when two slipped under their sheets to share a passionate smooch after the lights went off.That wasn’t all, the duo even planned to make out in the bathroom but skipped after the cameras panned towards them.
While, they continued the lip lock for 10 seconds and was not seen by any of the contestant. In the video it can be seen that how duo tried to romance hard and they can go to any extent to grab the attention. After the incident, Salman taken the duo on Weekend Ka Vaar episode and warned the lovers to keep their hands off each other.

This is not the first time Bandgi hitting the news for her relationship, before entering Bigg Boss house, Bandgi was dating TV producer and Dennis Nagpal. Seeing his girlfriend proximity with co-contestant Puneesh, Dennis dumped her on social media. Talking to a leading daily he told that “her behaviour has upset me. I am not a person who would get cosy with anyone or behave in this manner. Bandgi might be a little naïve but she is not stupid for sure. There was no insecurity or over-possessiveness in our relationship. We hardly used to fight. Our tiffs were minor and would be resolved in hours.”
Well, the true fact about their relationship will be revealed later now let’s wait for their next antic drama they are preparing to show.

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