Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan Says, “Rashami Desai Can Befriend Sidharth Shukla But Devoleena Wants To Break Us!”

Arhaan Khan’s relationship with Rashami Desai went through a rough patch when Salman Khan disclosed that Arhaan Khan was already married and even had a kid before getting involved with Rashami. Now, in the connections week, Himanshi disclosed the message that Arhaan had sent and didn’t tell it to Rashami. She revealed that Arhaan was not happy about Rashami getting close with Sidharth Shukla after his eviction. All the fights he had with the man amounted to nothing if she had to go back to him.  This was revealed by Salman Khan. Now, Arhaan Khan has come to speak on the same.

While talking to the TOI, Arhaan said, “Firstly, Himanshi is like my sister and whatever she did must be out of concern so I won’t like to comment on it. Secondly, as far as Rashami trying to be friends with Sidharth Shukla, I think it is a great move from Rashami’s side. It is a fantastic strategy and I don’t have a problem with it. I am happy that she is playing a good game and has not lost the plot. I don’t want to comment because it is a very personal matter and it is between Himanshi, Rashami and me. I don’t think Himanshi can ever portray Rashami in a wrong way because at the end of the day we all are good friends. Himanshi won’t do anything that will make Rashami look bad, she knows even Rashami is a girl.”

In an earlier episode, Himanshi was seen talking to the housemates that she had met Arhaan outside and he asked to convey a message to Rashami. While talking to Asim and Vishal, Himanshi said, “Arhaan has sent a message. He asked me to tell Asim that he was true in his friendship. He wanted her to be reminded that Sidharth tore his (Arhaan’s) shirt. I was not wrong in several things and she could have clarified things. If I was insulted on national television, this is where I should clarify as well. Why was I fighting Sidharth if she had to befriend him as soon as I came out of the house?”

In the interview, Arhaan has also said that he has a problem with Devoleena and the way she is forcing Rashami to befriend with Sidharth Shukla. Further, he added, “I see the show regularly and I am unable to figure out why Devoleena is forcefully trying to make Rashami and Sidharth friends when they don’t want to. People who are inside the house since last 4 months also know it and they have not tried to do it as they know Sidharth and Rashami themselves don’t want to be friends. They are not interfering in each other’s personal life because they are mature enough to understand that everyone is going through some or the other problem. But Devoleena, who knows Rashami for just one month and she doesn’t even know me, wants to decide our fate. She met Rashami inside the Bigg Boss house, same is with me. She doesn’t know about Rashami and my relationship, but just for the sake of publicity she is doing all this. She is talking ill about me, without knowing me. I think only our family members have the right to comment on our relationship, nobody else can interfere.”

Arhaan also claimed that people “really close to Rashami” told him “only you two have the right to decide about your relationship and no one else can take a call”. “Devoleena who knows Rashami for just a month wants to take decision for her. She is trying to break our relationship without even being so close to us. If you have seen the episodes, Rashami has been trying to avoid the topic, she told Arti Singh also, but Devoleena is hellbent to break our relationship. When Devoleena said on the show that Arhaan Khan is not your type, Rashami clearly said she will go out and see. I want to ask who the hell is Devoleena to comment on our relationship. She is nobody to comment on our relationship,” he added.