Bigg Boss 13: Koena Mitra Talks About Her Nose Surgery Gone Ugly

Many actresses in Bollywood are known to have undergone lip, nose, boob, or any other surgery. But one of the most talked-about surgeries is that of Koena Mitra. She had a nose job done and it went horribly wrong. This made a topic of talk among many. Now that Koena is in the Bigg Boss house, she has finally opened up about her ugly nose job.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, the actress said that living with strangers is the most difficult part of living on the show. “Housework is no challenge for me. My challenge would be living in this house with many strangers. I don’t know who they are and I don’t know them either. When I see them, I don’t think I will find a friend there because I haven’t heard from any friend or anybody (known to me) who are going for this show,” she said.

Opening up about her nose job, the actor said, “This is the worst-kept story of our industry. Many have done it and many do it, but no one talks about it, as if it’s a crime or a sin. It’s a part of my story, so I didn’t mind talking about it. I gave statements and that’s why yeh peecha nahi chhodta. Even though it’s been eight-nine years since, people don’t stop asking me about it. Also, why are only women trapped and attacked when it comes to cosmetic enhancement? You are fine with 60 and 50-year-old men from our industry with no wrinkles and head full of hair looking like they have returned to their 20s!”

Speaking about why she said yes to Bigg Boss 13, she said, “The show offers a lot of adventure, it has a strong fan base. My sister and cousins were thrilled when they got to know that I have said yes to this show. Adventure is my biggest attraction and the show has a loyal set of viewers.”

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