After a glorious run of four and a half months, Bigg Boss 13 has come to an end. The current season of Salman Khan’s show has broken all records and topped the TRP charts. The show witnessed major high points from budding romance to physical fights. When we talk about physical fights, how can we forget the infamous fight between Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh which created a lot of stir in the media?

To give you a quick recap, It all started when Madhurima Tuli called Vishal Aditya Singh “behenji”. And this obviously didn’t go down well with Vishal, who went on to throw water on her, her blanket and also on the cameras. Madhurima lost her cool and took a frying pan in the kitchen and repeatedly hit him with the pan leaving the housemates in shock. Post which she was thrown out of the Bigg Boss 13 house. Netizens including many celebrities criticized Madhurima for her violent behavior.

And now Madhurima has finally talked about what led her to take such a violent step. She defended her actions saying, “When I went on the show, I thought things will get better but he kept insulting me and when he threw water on my face, I did not have it in me to hold myself back and hence I hit him. People tell me that I was abusive, he was just as abusive. He kept telling me that he will not even spit on my face and he did not want to see me, which is sort of abuse. I have abused him maybe 3-4 times, but he repeatedly kept insulting me.”

She also spoke about how Vishal never wanted her to enter the show but she didn’t want to miss out on the great opportunity and entered the show with a hope that things will eventually fall in place.