Bigg Boss 15: Is Miesha Iyer And Ieshaan Sehgaal’s Love Real Or Fake, Read To Find Out!

On Bigg Boss 15, Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal are getting closer, but people are quick to trash their relationship as fake. Even if Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal don’t win Bigg Boss 15, their fast-paced love affair on the reality show has set a record. During the Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan questioned and even mocked this rapid dating, making the two blush. And now, in the current Colors promo, they’re having some sweet moments together.

Miesha is seen asking Ieshaan if he is forgetting something in a video released on Instagram by the channel. He gives his ‘baby’ a tight hug and a kiss on the cheeks when he responds in the negative. The montage then depicts the inseparable couple enjoying some romance throughout the day as they shower each other with kisses. “Bigg Boss ke jungle mein sulagh rahi hai chahat ki chingari (The spark of romance is blazing in the Bigg Boss jungle)” says the voiceover while “Bheegein Honth Tere” plays in the background.

“#BB15 ke jungle ke love birds ke beech badh rahi hain nazdeekiyan. Aapka kya khayaal hain inke baare mein? Dekhiye #BiggBoss15 tonight at 10:30 pm only on #Colors,” the caption read.

Fans quickly slammed this relationship as fake, accusing Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal of using a love angle to stay in the game. “Hamara ye khayal hai ki ye ekdam fake hai,” one fan said, while another tried to remind them of the several cameras present. ‘Bhai ruk jao Itna jaldi Bhi Kya Hai Har Taraf camera hi camera Hai Ruk jao,’ they wrote. “Puneesh and Bandagi of this season,” wrote one user, comparing their feelings for Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma from Season 11.

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