Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin Reveals Pratik Sehajpal’s Relationship Status On Twitter; Deets Inside

Bigg Boss 15 saw a stunning second when four challengers left the show in seven days, including Neha Bhasin. Following her removal from the show, Neha got into a conflict of words with Pratik Sehajpal’s sister Prerna on Twitter. Neha and Prerna got enjoyed an appalling verbal disagreement on Twitter and were seen focusing on one another in a steady progression. During their Twitter war, the previous additionally ‘uncovered’ Pratik by unveiling his relationship status to the world. Here are some tweets, check them out:

It began when the removed Bigg Boss 15 competitor uncovered that Pratik is simply professing to be single on the show. In a similar Tweet, Neha requested that Prerna not focus on her as well. She expressed, “Dearest @PrernaSehajpal I am shocked at how charming you are. Your sibling isn’t single you and I both realize he has a sweetheart and is professing to be single on the show. My last idea to you is don’t play with me. Fundamental mooh khol doongi bohot zyada. You won’t care for it.” Neha further blamed Prerna for spreading disdain and inducing savages against her. In another of her Tweets, she requested that she help Pratik to quit going behind ladies and playing the casualty card as well. She further interrogated Prerna’s assertions regarding the artist in her meetings as well.

In light of this, Prerna shared a long note interrogating why Neha is tried concerning Pratik’s relationship status and requested her to prevent blaming him from ‘running behind young ladies’. She shared the note saying that she is resolving the issue once and for all. Prerna additionally tended to Neha’s claims of talking sick with regards to her in the meetings in her Tweets. She further shared a screen capture of Neha Bhasin obstructing her on Twitter.

In any case, this wasn’t the initial occasion when Neha and Prerna engaged in a Twitter spat. This happened beforehand as well, before long the previous’ expulsion from the show.
For the unversed, Neha and Pratik become old buddies during their Bigg Boss OTT spell. However, things changed when the previous entered season 15 and would not be companions with him. The contrasts between them were very clear.

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