Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan warns all Shilpa Shinde fans with a VIDEO says she will delete…

Hina Khan garnered a lot of popularity after she participated in the Bigg Boss show. As a contestant on the show, she was always in the limelight, though for wrong reasons. She was called a liar on the show by all the contestants because of her behavior. Hina was also seen passing demeaning comments on her co-contestants on the show. She was constantly trolled by people on social media and also by her colleagues from the television industry.

Now that the show is over, people still haven’t stopped trolling her. When she was inside the Bigg Boss house, she was trolled for changing her statements every now and then. Especially for all the hatred that she spread for her co-contestant Shilpa Shinde inside the house, Shilpa’s fans haven’t stopped taking the revenge.

Hina Khan receives a lot of criticism from Shilpa Shinde’s fans. Through social media, Shilpa Shinde’s fan clubs are able to send out hatred for her. But now it looks like Hina Khan is done with it. She is no more in the mood to take the negativity from Shilpa’s fans and she shared a video for the same.

In the video, Hina can be seen requesting all Shilpa fans to stop spreading negativity on her social media handles. She asked them to pour in positivity or she will delete her social media accounts.

Hina Khan warned all the fans that she will delete her all social media accounts if this continues to happen. We hope all her fans understand this and stop creating this negative mess around her!