Bigg Boss female contestants smoke inside the house, video and pictures going viral!

Bigg Boss 11 has just started and the battle has begun! Two contestants have already been evicted from the house and the kind of madness going on inside the house is just getting crazier. We are keeping you updated with all the news related to the Bigg Boss house and this time we have something that will surely shock you!

Bigg Boss house contestants need to follow a set of rules and if any of them breaks them, they are punished by the Bigg Boss. But do you know that contestants get a lot of priveledges inside the house? Well, we all think that these contestants live inside with basic needs, under camera 24*7 but that isn’t really the case.

Recently, a video of Bigg Boss female contestants smoking inside the Bigg Boss house is going viral. The video has Arshi Khan, Jytoi Kumari and Shilpa Shinde drinking cigarette inside the Bigg Boss house.

As per reports, contestants inside the Bigg Boss house openly smoke around. But this time, their personal activities inside the house got captured in the camera. God knows, what all do these contestants do inside the house!